Whether it has been writing for Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, or creating, I have always had an interest with search engine optimization.

Back in 2003, I co-founded a search engine optimization company that created the concept of a highly targeted link network that propelled each member of the network to new heights. Partners such as Dotster, Template Monster, and more utilized this technique to achieve Google Page Ranks of 8/10 and 9/10 in short order.

Even though search engine optimization changes on what seems to be a monthly basis (sometimes daily), I have always had an interest in following the industry and staying on the cutting edge. I built my freeĀ Website Suggestions tool as a way to provide website owners with a straightforward way to help them improve their website and put their best foot forward. Hundreds of people use the tool every day to improve their website. If you’re looking for advice, I would highly suggest trying out the tool.

With all of that said, I do provide SEO consulting services to existing websites and websites in the planning stages. Contact me to discuss it further.