JE RC10 SC6.2 Aftermarket Battery Mount – $34.95 + Shipping

Product Details

This product converts the battery mount positioning to be inline with the chassis without any permanent modification, which allows switching back to the kit battery mount.

This new position significantly improves steering without sacrificing traction. The new battery position significantly lowers roll center, reduces the amount of work the suspension has to do, improves steering through the entire corner, and brings a large amount of weight to the centerline.

Who is this for?

This kit was designed to improve the performance of the SC6.2 on high bite tracks, such as indoor clay. It was developed at the SDRC Raceway in San Diego by myself to improve steering, consistency, and ultimately better lap times.

It may work well for less grip applications, but has not been tested on these surfaces.

How do I purchase?

Please fill out the form below with your name and email. A PayPal link will be sent to accept payment. Once payment is received, the kit will be assembled and shipped out. Each kit is made to order, it may take up to a week to ship out.

The cost for this kit is $34.95 + shipping costs. Shipping worldwide.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Battery Block
  • (4) Battery Strap Posts
  • (4) M3x8 mm screws & washers
  • (2) M3x10 mm screws & washers
  • (2) Battery Straps
  • (2) Battery Pads

Installation Instructions

  • Step One
    • Remove battery mount posts from the side guard.
  • Step Two
    • Unscrew the two screws that secure the bumpers to the side guards, 4 in total.
  • Step Three
    • Thread the M3x8 mm screws through each included battery strap post, then screw them into the hole where the bumper connects to the side guard.
    • Make sure to face the hook side outwards.
  • Step Four
    • Place the battery block with the widest part up against the waterfall and narrowest part towards the front of the car.
    • Use the M3x10 mm screws and washers to secure it using the farthest forward battery post mounts found on the side guards, one on each side.
  • Step Five
    • Depending on how your ESC is setup, you may have to solder longer wires to place the ESC near the steering servo. It can be placed in front of the waterfall, but generally this is not the best arrangement to achieve the most performance.

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