Proxies, Proxies, Proxies!

When screen scraping on a large scale, there is one thing that you must have, and that is a proxy. Not just one proxy, hundreds of proxies. The number of proxies you need is directly correlated to the amount of pages you are going to screen scrape.

If you’ve worked with proxies at scale, you know how much of a management nightmare they become. Getting rid of banned IP’s, working new IP’s into the rotation, and making sure that the proxies are rotating intelligently. The more proxies you have the more difficult they become to manage.

I built a service called that keeps the same flexibility as if you owned the proxies yourself, but removed all of the pain points with proxies. Now you can simply buy proxy credits instead of having to spend time on proxy management.

Private proxies, public proxies, IP rotation, multiple invoices from multiple providers, error troubleshooting, testing, and more are all a thing of the past.

Save yourself some time and money and check out

New Website Coming Soon

The WP Mobile Detector provides a lot of value to thousands of customers. With over 200,000 downloads from, it is one of the most popular WordPress mobile plugins available today.

The WP Mobile Detector is the best way to create a mobile website if you use WordPress. Once you activate the plugin,  you instantly have a full feature mobile website. The PRO upgrade for $49.95 includes additional features such as the interactive theme editor that allows you to quickly and easily modify the look and feel of your new mobile website. It is ridiculously easy too!

The website that was up at was always simple and to the point. It grew slightly as the product started to grow. Well now, with the increasing popularity of the WP Mobile Detector, we’re finally creating a website that is worthy of the product.

By the end of the month we’ll have our new logo and website. In addition to that, we’ll be re-opening the affiliate program for Websitez.

The WP Mobile Detector is one of my favorite projects. It makes a decent amount of money, but more importantly, it helps thousands of people every single day by presenting their content in a more beneficial way.

If you use WordPress for anything, check out the WP Mobile Detector WordPress mobile plugin.